Make every guest feel like a VIP

LighthousePE helps you know your guests at a deeper level and keeps them coming back for more.

The Casino Guest Experience Has Evolved

Today’s casino guests expect more—more perks, more attention, more reasons to keep coming back.

LighthousePE is a turnkey mobile platform-as-a-service designed to help you deliver authentically personal experiences for every player on every visit, creating loyal guests happy to spend more, too.

One more visit.
One more hour.
One more loyal player.

It’s amazing what “one more” can do.

LighthousePE automatically delivers personalized mobile content based on guests’ behavior, preferences and location, influencing them to stay longer, play longer and come back more often.

Real, one-to-one guest relationships

Target more than just generic audience segments. With LighthousePE you can create endless segments—even down to the person—to ensure every player feels like a high roller.

Host support with real-time player data and goal tracking

LighthousePE’s back-of-house tools enable greater player development opportunities by empowering your staff to create timely, high-touch personal experiences. Hosts can be alerted when elite players arrive, with player data displayed right on their smart watch or mobile device. Additionally, hosts can track individual and team goals over time to improve performance.

Simple dashboard for creating content and monitoring real-time results

The intuitive dashboards and interface make it easy for you to create custom content, set delivery parameters and monitor the results. LighthousePE actively evaluates the impact of your content on guest behavior and optimizes content on the fly to get better outcomes.

Easy integration with your existing native apps and player data

Installation is quick and painless, and we’ll fine-tune it to achieve your specific needs and KPIs. And with read-only integration with your guest database, LighthousePE can use your existing data to build deeper audience profiles and content parameters for better results right from launch.

A Core Engine that learns and adapts

LighthousePE’s intelligent Core Engine discerns patterns in behavior, which helps it continually learn and adapt. The longer it’s in place, the more targeted and refined its content becomes.


LighthousePE locates each player using a combination of geofences, beacons, and your app installed on their smartphone


The LighthousePE Core Engine combines this location data with the player’s behavioral profile and determines which content will be most relevant and motivating


This highly-personalized content is delivered directly to the player, arriving as a push notification; swiping to open reveals content automatically created just for them


The Lighthouse back-of-house app can also automatically alert managers, player hosts, and other appropriate staff to the player’s location and most recent activity, empowering them to further personalize the visit

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